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Spark detector and extinguisher – fire compartmentation system
for extractor fans in timber industry


The system was developed in 1986. Since then, it has been installed in approx. 40 plants in Hungary. It has demonstrably prevented occurrence of fire or explosion on several occasions.

One the main sources of danger of extractor fans is that the material conveyed is flammable; and mixed with air, dust explosion might occur.

Protection of filter housings and containers is most efficiently provided when sources of ignition are detected in the extractor ducts and are quenched by extinguishing agent.

A primary infra detector mounted on the ducts immediately starts the extinguisher in case of a spark. If no subsequent spark occurs within a short period of time, the event doesn’t trigger an alarm. The events are logged. The case of the detector contains a test transmitter as well, which checks functionality of the device. If length of the extracting system allows, a secondary detector and a fire damper can also be mounted.

The extinguisher nozzle is made of aluminium alloy with a stainless steel spring. The size of the opening is adjustable. The adjusting elements are outside the water flow. Usual supply is 1\2”, operating voltage: 24V=; the extinguishing unit until 500 mm contains 2 nozzles; over this, 3.

The closing unit of the fire damper is located outside the material stream when open. The trigger mechanism is a ratchet. After closing, it is set back manually. A terminal switch or a photocell informs the central unit about its condition.  Operating voltage: 24V=; closing time 0.4 sec. The closing unit is covered with a non-combustible material of 6 mm. The damper is closed immediately by the secondary detector or when the event counter reaches the set values within a certain time. Then the extractors also stop; and acoustic and optical signals are sent.

A PLC processes the signals from the infrared sensors and the peripheries in the central unit. It has transitional battery supply, which keeps it functional even in case of a power failure. A built-in modem facilitates remote checking.

Information about the condition of the spark extinguisher is provided by images on the terminal where the whole apparatus is operated. The log file is also found here, which contains the events in text mode + the date.

Frost-free water power supply. The water power supply provides the nozzles with a water pressure of 7-9 bars, independently of the power supply. The pump is a GRUNDFOS CRx-xx type and is selected based on the size of the system. Other components: a pressure switch, a flow switch and manometers. In case of a failure, a magnetic valve closes the water outlet pipe.


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